Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You



3 min, 59 sec

The video features the lyrics to the song 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' by KISS, detailing the romantic assertions of a couple made for each other.


  • The song starts with a bass intro followed by the repetitive 'do, do, do' vocal rhythm.
  • The lyrics express a desire to give love and share a special connection in the darkness of the night.
  • The chorus emphasizes that the couple was made for each other, unable to get enough of one another.
  • The song continues to reaffirm the mutual creation for love and the insatiable desire for each other.
  • The video concludes with repeated affirmations of being made for loving each other and the inability to get enough of this love.

Chapter 1

Opening and Chorus

0:00 - 1 min, 20 sec

The opening of the song features a bass intro and leads into the first chorus.

  • The song begins with a bass intro setting the stage for the melody.
  • The chorus starts with repeating 'do, do, do' vocal rhythms and the words 'Tonight'.
  • Lyrics declare a desire to give all to the loved one and to lay it at their feet.
  • The singers proclaim they are made for each other and question if they can get enough of each other.

Chapter 2

Verse and Chorus

1:21 - 1 min, 4 sec

The first verse and a repetition of the chorus highlight the magic and desire between the couple.

  • The verse speaks of seeing the magic in the eyes and something that drives the singer wild.
  • The intention to make romantic dreams come true that night is expressed.
  • The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the mutual creation for love and the question of getting enough of each other.

Chapter 3

Bridge and Chorus

2:25 - 1 min, 29 sec

The bridge leads into more repetitions of the chorus, solidifying the song's central theme.

  • The bridge features repetitive 'Oh-ooh-oh' and 'Can't get enough' phrases, adding to the song's catchiness.
  • The chorus is repeated multiple times, with each iteration reinforcing the deep connection and desire between the couple.