Carte Blanq & Maxx Power - 33 Max Verstappen (Official Audio)

Spinnin' Records

Spinnin' Records

2 min, 51 sec

The video features background music, applause, expressions of excitement, and references to a world champion and SpongeBob.


  • Background music plays throughout various segments of the video.
  • Audience applause is heard, indicating a live event or performance.
  • Phrases such as 'put your hands on', 'thank you', 'that's how we do it', and 'here we go again' suggest engagement with an audience.
  • Mentions of a world champion and SpongeBob could indicate awards or themed performance.

Chapter 1

Opening Music and Applause

0:00 - 15 sec

The video opens with background music and audience applause.

  • Music sets the stage for the upcoming content.
  • Applause suggests the presence of an audience and a positive reception.

Chapter 2

Audience Interaction

0:31 - 6 sec

The speaker interacts with the audience, prompting them and expressing gratitude.

  • The speaker encourages the audience to 'put your hands on'
  • A 'thank you' is given, likely in response to the audience's cooperation or applause.

Chapter 3

Musical Interlude

0:43 - 41 sec

A period of music plays, providing a transition or emphasizing the event's atmosphere.

  • Music continues to play, which may serve as background for an ongoing event or performance.

Chapter 4

Expressions of Excitement

1:20 - 17 sec

The speaker conveys excitement with exclamations.

  • Phrases like 'that's how we do it' and 'simply simply lovely yes' indicate a successful event or performance.
  • Exclamations like 'oh' and 'my God' suggest moments of surprise or awe.

Chapter 5

Anticipation Build-Up

1:38 - 13 sec

Music and a sense of anticipation build as the event progresses.

  • The phrase 'here we go again' suggests a recurring or continuous aspect of the event.

Chapter 6

Recognition of Achievement

2:01 - 19 sec

The speaker acknowledges a world champion, possibly awarding or celebrating an individual.

  • The mention of a 'world champion' implies a competition or high level of achievement.

Chapter 7

Pop Culture Reference

2:20 - 21 sec

The video makes a reference to SpongeBob, indicating a lighthearted or themed aspect of the event.

  • 'That's SpongeBob' could be a playful comment or relate to a visual aspect of the event.

Chapter 8

Closing Segment

2:41 - 3 sec

The video concludes with a brief foreign language segment.

  • The word 'foreign' suggests the presence of international elements or participants.